British Lung Foundation Summer Studentship Award Scheme

We are delighted to announce this year’s summer studentship scheme in collaboration with the Cystic fibrosis Trust, offering promising medical and science undergraduates hands-on experience of research during the summer vacation period. If you are supervising any relevant students, or are a relevant student yourself we would strongly encourage you to make an application.

The scheme aims to attract the brightest and best into a future career in research, combining clinical practice with an active research programme.

A total of 10 studentships will be available, each lasting a maximum of eight weeks, in the following areas:

  • Cystic fibrosis (four places).
  • A specific lung condition, such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, COPD or interstitial lung disease (four places).
  • Cross-respiratory research, with value across all areas, such as pulmonary infections (two places).

The award will comprise:

  • a stipend of £1,200 for living expenses,
  • £300 for consumables (including poster printing costs), and
  • expenses for attending the UK CF conference in September 2016, (for those undertaking a CF project), or another relevant UK respiratory conference (for those researching other lung conditions). Please refer to the CF Trust website for further details and requirements.


British Lung Foundation Funding Opportunities

The British Lung Foundation is pleased to announce availability of new funding opportunities for 2016. Applications are invited for support of research into lung disease in the following funding streams:
1. BLF Pump-priming Research Grants
2. Scottish Government Chief Scientist Office & BLF research grants
3. BLF Mesothelioma Research Funding
4. ‘Mesothelioma UK-BLF’ mesothelioma research grant
5. BLF-SILA Sarcoidosis Research Grant
6. BLF Dr Joseph Footitt COPD research grant

• For full details regarding all funding streams, and to download application forms and guidelines, please see
• Please read the accompanying guidelines before completing an application form.
• The deadline for the submission of preliminary applications in all funding streams is 1st FEBRUARY 2016.

ERS Long-Term Research Fellowships now open

Applications for the ERS Long-Term Research Fellowships 2016 are now open

Deadline: 31 January, 2016

ERS Long-Term Fellowship programmes offer a unique opportunity for investigators and clinicians in the early stages of their careers to get support for their research activities. Fellowships are intended to fund clinical research, translational research and basic science, giving participants a chance to learn new skills in a different setting.

What’s new this year? Ten different fellowship programmes are running for 2016 including a new programme for paediatrics and two additional funding partnerships with national societies.

Who can apply? Candidates actively engaged in respiratory research or practice; postgraduate degree holders in respiratory medicine or science (MDs, MSc, PhD students, PhD holders); or qualified healthcare professionals (non‐MD).

Plan and prepare: A project proposal of six to twelve months with a mobility component should be submitted online by 31 January, 2016 and should include involvement from your home and host centres. Rules and regulations, programme information and application details are available online.

Current opportunities:

ERS Standard Fellowships
ERS Fellowships for scientifically developing countries
ERS PAH Fellowships supported by GSK
ERS/ALAT Joint Fellowship
ERS/SEPAR Joint Fellowship

ERS International Fellowships
ERS Child Lung Health Fellowships*
ERS/EMBO Joint Fellowships
ERS/CTS Peter Macklem Joint Fellowships
ERS/SPLF Joint Fellowships*
*applicants from scientifically developing countries are also eligible.

Apply by 31 January, 2016

ERS Fellowship in Industry:

For MDs specialised in Asthma or COPD, two fellowships in industry are also open until 10 January, 2016. Find out more and apply online.