MIT/Imperial – Deadline: 17 Sep 2018


MIT and Imperial College London share a commitment to working with partners in Africa to address common challenges. The MIT-Imperial College London Seed Fund promotes early-stage collaboration between faculty and researchers at MIT, Imperial College London and institutions in Africa.

The Fund aims to help kick-start early-stage, risky and ‘blue skies’ research ideas that might not otherwise be pursued. The funding may be used to support travel costs for exchange between the three teams: one at MIT, one at Imperial College London, and one at a university or non-profit research institution in Africa.

Applicants will need to demonstrate how the funding will be used to enable researchers at MIT, Imperial and the partner in Africa to develop or reinforce lasting contacts with the very best researchers in their field. Collaborations can therefore be new or existing providing that the application demonstrates a strong development of the proposed collaboration.

Activities that could be covered by the Fund may include, but are not limited to:

  • Exploratory research, travel costs and other activities that often do not receive financial support at the earliest stages. Imperial funds can also be used to support small-scale experiments or the development of prototypes.
  • Visits between the three teams at MIT, Imperial and in Africa for academics/faculty, research staff and students to investigate the potential for, initiate, follow-up, or work on a collaborative project or training opportunity.
  • ‘Hackathon’ or other collaborative day or week-long events involving staff and students from both institutions to explore new risky and ‘blue skies’ research directions and ideas.
  • Networking events such as international workshops and seminars to bring together researchers to strengthen existing collaborations and foster new links.
  • Longer stays for students or research staff (up to maximum 2 months) to learn new techniques, analyse results or undertake other activities.
  • Set up of new networks to promote the exchange of ideas, best practice, and other research goals.

For more information please visit the MIT-Imperial Seed Fund website.