Wellcome Trust – Deadline: 13 Aug 2018

Clinical Research Career Development Fellowships

This scheme enables medical, dental, veterinary and clinical psychology graduates to continue their research at postdoctoral level and develop scientific independence. It provides support for up to eight years and the flexibility to balance research and clinical responsibilities.

Applications for this scheme are considered twice a year.

For more information about this fellowship please visit the Wellcome Trust website.



BHF – Deadline: 15 Aug 2018

Clinical Study Grants

For clinical trials and observational studies of specific patient groups costing more than £300,000 or lasting more than 3 years.

Award specifications

The clinical study grant supports funding for over £300,000 for:

  • Interventional clinical trials: trials of specific interventions or pathways of care for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Interventions include drugs, surgery, devices, psychological, physical and educational interventions.
  • Observational studies of specific patient groups that are hypothesis led and address a defined clinical question(s) over a fixed timescale (up to 5 years). The population of interest should be a patient population, who will usually be recruited within the NHS. The study should have a predefined outcome(s) that will lead to changes in clinical management directly or will inform the development of a clinical trial to test an intervention.
  • Clinical studies can include a mechanistic evaluation, either as a substudy within a clinical trial or as part of an observational study.

The scheme does not support funding for population based cohort studies or patient based cohort studies focusing on open ended epidemiological questions, or whose main focus is genetics/genomics or other omics analyses (please apply for either a Special Project Grant or a Programme Grant). For programmes of experimental medicine or programmes of clinical research, please apply for a Programme Grant.

How to apply

Applications are assessed in a two stage process: an outline application followed by a full application if the outline is successful. Outline applications are considered throughout the year, and you will usually receive a decision on submitting a full application within 6 weeks of the outline submission.

For more information please visit the BHF website.

MRC – Deadline 6 Sep 2018

Clinical Research Training Fellowship (CRTF) pre-doctoral

The CRTF supports clinicians, including (but not limited to) medics, surgeons, dentists, clinical psychologists, public health specialty trainees, allied health professionals, nurses, midwives and veterinarians, to undertake a PhD or other higher research degree.

Clinical Research Training Fellowship (CRTF) post-doctoral

The scheme also provides a route for post-doctoral applicants who achieved their PhD some time ago but who have not been research active since due to clinical training commitments to reacquire research skills.

For more information please visit the MRC website.

Cancer Research UK – Deadline: 18 Sep 2018

Pre-doctoral Research Bursary

The Research Bursary provides short-term funding to allow clinicians and other health professionals to get involved in research projects early in their career.

The bursary should be used to give you a greater understanding of research before deciding whether to undertake a PhD or MD, and/or give you the time and resources to obtain preliminary data before applying for a PhD or MD.


You should be:

  • a clinician, nurse or other medical professional
  • working in any area of our funding remit
  • based in the UK

You should not have:

  • completed a PhD or MD
  • already received Fellowship funding to allow you to undertake research, except if you hold an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship or equivalent.

For more information please visit the CRUK website.

Cancer Research UK – Deadline: 18 Sep 2018

Postdoctoral Research Bursary for Clinical Trainees

Key information

For more information please visit the CRUK website.

Cancer Research UK – Deadline: 20 Sep 2018

This award supports interventional clinical trials of cancer treatment (including systemic treatment, radiotherapy and surgery) with the aim of improving outcome.