MRC – Deadline 10 Jan 2018

Clinical Research Training Fellowship (CRTF) pre-doctoral

The CRTF supports clinicians, including (but not limited to) medics, surgeons, dentists, clinical psychologists, public health specialty trainees, allied health professionals, nurses, midwives and veterinarians, to undertake a PhD or other higher research degree.

Clinical Research Training Fellowship (CRTF) post-doctoral

The scheme also provides a route for post-doctoral applicants who achieved their PhD some time ago but who have not been research active since due to clinical training commitments to reacquire research skills.

For more information please visit the MRC website.


MRC in collaboration with several Charities and Royal Colleges – Deadline: 10 Jan 2018

Jointly-Funded Clinical Research Training Fellowship

These awards offer the prestige of having the relevant organisation co-fund your fellowship and may offer additional opportunities to report on your project, present your work at meetings and for professional networking.

For the list of other Charities and Royal Colleges involved and more information about this fellowship please go to the MRC website.


MRC – Deadline 11 Jan 2018

Public Health Intervention Development Scheme (PHIND) 

The MRC Public Health Intervention Development scheme (PHIND) supports the early stages of development of interventions that address an important UK or global public health issue. Studies funded by the scheme will develop the necessary evidence to underpin the later development and evaluation of novel public health interventions.

The MRC PHIND scheme complements funding available from NIHRMRC Global Health and other sources for subsequent stages of public health intervention development and evaluation.

For more information please visit the MRC website.

Wellcome Trust/ Academy of Medical Sciences – Deadline 11 Jan 2018

Daniel Turnberg Travel Fellowships

Short-term funding (up to 3 months) for biomedical researchers to travel between the UK and the Middle East to learn new techniques and develop academic collaborations.

The precise deadline has not been announced yet, for more information on this funding call please go to the Wellcome website or the AMS website.

NIHR – Deadline: 11 Jan 2018

17/100 – Health Services & Delivery Research Programme researcher-led (evidence synthesis)

17/99 – Health Services & Delivery Research Programme: standard researcher-led

This supports research into the quality, effectiveness and accessibility of health services, including evaluations of how the NHS might improve delivery of services. The aim is to fund research that will lead to improvements in health services that will be of greatest benefit to the NHS and to patients. Applicants may submit either a standard outline proposal or an evidence synthesis full proposal. Proposals focusing on complex health and care needs in older people are encouraged, particularly those addressing frailty; transitions in care, service delivery and models of care; medicines management and polypharmacy; promoting healthy ageing and preventing ill health; or patient-centred decision making. The workstream also has a continued interest in the following research areas: dementia; surgical and implantable devices; primary care interventions; very rare diseases; antimicrobial resistance; long-term conditions in children; applied research into mesothelioma; multimorbidities in older people and prevention and treatment of obesity.

More information on these and other NIHR funding opportunities can be found here

Cancer Research UK – Deadline: 16 Jan 2018

Early Detection OHSU Spark Award

Ignites new and early-stage collaborations in early detection between researchers in the UK and at Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU). Each application must have a lead applicant from both a UK institution and OHSU.