Month: December 2015

British Lung Foundation Funding Opportunities

The British Lung Foundation is pleased to announce availability of new funding opportunities for 2016. Applications are invited for support of research into lung disease in the following funding streams:
1. BLF Pump-priming Research Grants
2. Scottish Government Chief Scientist Office & BLF research grants
3. BLF Mesothelioma Research Funding
4. ‘Mesothelioma UK-BLF’ mesothelioma research grant
5. BLF-SILA Sarcoidosis Research Grant
6. BLF Dr Joseph Footitt COPD research grant

• For full details regarding all funding streams, and to download application forms and guidelines, please see
• Please read the accompanying guidelines before completing an application form.
• The deadline for the submission of preliminary applications in all funding streams is 1st FEBRUARY 2016.